Transcom Group

Transcom Group is one of the oldest and biggest companies in Bangladesh. Their operation in Bangladesh initially started in 1885 as a tea plantation company. No other company in Bangladesh can say that they have been doing business for the last 127 years. Transcom has expanded their business to every niche possible.
Transcom Beverage- Transcom Beverage Limited is the sole distributor of PepsiCo in Bangladesh. They are the owners and operators of all the processing and bottling plants of Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Diet, Slice and 7UP Light. They are dedicated to provide the everyday beverage demand of the people of Bangladesh.

Transcom Cables Limited- Transcom Cables Limited was established in 2009 for the purpose of manufacturing cables, conductors and wires. Their commercial production began in 2010. They are currently producing all sorts of cables and wires according to ISO standard. They are manufacturing House Wiring, Low Tension Power Cables, Low Tension Control Cables, Flexible Cables, Telephone Cables, Bare Conductors and Insulated Conductors.
Transcom Electronics Limited- Transcom Electronics was formed when Transcom took over the Phillips operation of Bangladesh back in 1993. Now they have become one of the biggest names in the electrical sector of Bangladesh. They are manufacturing all sorts of Electronics, Appliances and Lights.
Transcom Foods Limited- Transcom Foods Limited started by brining the Pizza Hut Franchise into Bangladesh in 2003. Later, they also bought the KFC franchise. Currently, they have 7 KFC outlets all over the country and 4 Pizza Hut outlets in Dhaka and Chittagong.
Transcom Distribution Company Limited- They are the sole distributors of globally popular products such as Frito Lay (Lays chips), Heinz, Mars, Energizer, L’Oreal, Garnier, ConAgra Foods, Wrigley, McVities and Hemas. They have three divisions; one distributes pharmaceutical products, one distributes consumer products and distributes clinical products.
Transcom Mobiles Limited- This branch of Transcom Group started in 2010 and they distribute Samsung Mobiles all over the country.
Transcraft Limited- Transcraft Limited is a printing and packaging company. They have quickly become a known company for its high quality and fast printing facilities.
Eskayef Bangladesh Limited- Transcom took over the operations of Smith Kline and French back in 1990 and hence Eskayef Bangladesh Limited was born. They manufacture pharmaceutical products.
Medistar Limited- This branch of Trancom Group is a growing electronic and print media company. Prothom Alo, the most popular and largest selling newspaper of Bangladesh is affiliated with Mediastar. ABC Radio is also a part of Medistar Limited.
Tea and Rubber Farms- Transcom group started their business with tea plantation in Bangladesh. Currently they have four companies working in this sector. These companies are- M. Rahman Tea Company Limited, Monipur Tea Compnay Limited, Heritage Agro Farms Limited and Marina Tea Company Limited.
MediaWorld Limited- MediaWorld Limited supervises the operations of the leading English daily of Bangladesh- The Daily Star.

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