The growing export industry

Bangladesh has become as one of the leading exporters of expedient garments to Europe and America. The country’s local products of leather and shrimp products are expanding sharply as well. The country had eliminated all barriers to business and investment as its government offers incomparable facilities to investors. It also offers 100% foreign investment except for four reserved areas/items that include below:


  • Manufacture of ammunition, armaments, and other defense gears and machinery

  • Automated extraction and forest plantation within the boundaries of reserved forests

  • Nuclear energy production

  • Security minting and printing (currency notes)


All other areas in Bangladesh are open for private investments. The country provides tax holidays for imported raw materials to be used for manufacturing. It also grants duty-free import tax of capital machinery. The work permits for expatriates are secured easily while the non-hindered remittance of capital gains, capitals, dividends, and other financial goods are permitted. The government had simplified the approval procedure and eliminated the licensing system for investment in the country.

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