Sunman Group of Companies

Sunman Group of Companies is one of the biggest names in the business arena of Bangladesh. The group currently has about 28 units of Garments to manufacture bottom, shirt, sportswear, polo knit & sweater apparels. Sunman Group of Companies is one of largest exporters of Bangladesh. Their total export volume is 120,000 dz per month. Their yearly turnover is almost US$ 100 million.

Their knitwear and garment products are exported to the western countries especially in the USA. They have some big names under them as their clients such as Wal-Mart, Sears, PVH, GAP, JCPanny, H&M and C&A. They have their very own textile weaving and cotton yarning spinning mills. They also have dying factories, label-button-zipper making factories, thread and carton factories.

They are one of the few companies of Bangladesh who have a functional office abroad. Sunman Group of Companies has buying offices in USA, Hong Kong and Cambodia. Their other businesses include financial institutes, fisheries, beverage industries, CNG pumps, airlines and furniture industries.

Sunman Group of Companies was established in 1982 and currently they have over 1000 people working in their factories. They are one of the largest exporters of Bangladesh and North America, South America and Western Europe is their primary market. They are also very popular domestically.

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