SQUARE Group of Companies

SQUARE Group of Companies is one of the leading business enterprises of Bangladesh. After a 54 year long journey, it is a symbol in the business world of Bangladesh. But the journey was not easy. The company met its downfall in more than one occasion. But because of the great leadership skill of Mr. Samson H Chowdhury, the company overcame all its hindrance and finally became what it is today. What started as a small pharmaceutical company expanded its branches and became a huge group of company. Here is a brief timeline of the journey of the extraordinary company:

Back in 1958, Samson H Chowdhury and three of his friends started SQUARE Pharma as a Partnership Firm. They named it ‘SQUARE’ because of having four founders and to symbolize their equal contribution. After 10 years of hardship, they finally transformed into a Private Limited Company. In 1974, they made a partnership deal with Janssen Pharmaceutica, a company from Belgium which was basically a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson International, USA. This partnership turned SQUARE Pharma into a modern company with latest technologies.

8 years after the Janssen Pharmaceutica agreement, SQUARE made their company further advanced by signing a Licensing Agreement with F. Hoffman-La Roche Limited. 1985 was a great year for SQUARE Pharma because they got the first position in the pharmaceutical marketing sector of Bangladesh, beating all other national and multinational pharmaceutical companies. In 1987, SQUARE created history by becoming the first Bangladeshi company to export pharmaceutical products.

In 1988, SQUARE expanded their business by introducing SQUARE Toiletries Limited. This new company became a private limited company in 1994. In the same year, SQUARE Pharmaceuticals offered their shares to the general mass. The 90’s was exceptionally good for SQUARE Group of Companies. They started bulk production of pharmaceuticals during this decade, they won the National Export Trophy, they established a new industry and named it ‘SQUARE Textile Limited” and they started manufacturing agro-chemicals and veterinary medicines.

The new century has been remarkable for SQUARE group as well. They started SQUARE Spinning Limited in the year 2000, SQUARE Knit Fabrics Limited and SQUARE Fashions Limited in 2001.They started SQUARE Consumer Products Limited, SQUARE Informatix Limited and the really popular SQUARE Hospitals Limited in the same year. So they made their biggest expansion within the first two years of the new century. In 2003, they made a management agreement with Bumrungrad Hospital International of Thailand and gave them the responsibility to supervise the operation of SQUARE Hospital.

With a slow but strong progress, SQUARE Group of Companies became a legend in the business world of Bangladesh. It is one of the most revenue generating company of Bangladesh. Currently they have over 3500 employees working in the company. Providing best quality product and customer satisfaction is their primary motto.

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