Social Responsibility of Businessmen

Every government sets up basic goals for individuals, businesses and for itself. Government of Bangladesh is no different. One goal, among many, that involves all three parties is on reducing difference between the wealthy and the poor, making sure that every citizen of the country gets equal privileges. For reasons, government cannot achieve this goal on their own. Here comes the importance of the business community, which has a huge role to play in development of a nation and to create a better society. This can be done by obeying normal set of rules and regulations, charity work or even by paying proper taxes within time.

In this modern fast moving era, a group of people are trying to have as much as wealth they can. They often forget about rest of the society. What they do not realize is, they are acquiring their wealth by using the most of the society and they naturally owe the society a lot. It is better if a nation produces businessmen with the mentality to do something for the society, for the nation. To survive in the tough marketplace, businessmen have to fulfill responsibility to customers, clients, employees. In addition, it is indeed their responsibility to do something for the underachieving part of the community. Does Bangladesh have businessmen with serious affection for the society?

But being honest in the business and by offering only the very best to the clients is another way of helping the society. There are a lot of products in the market. Traditionally, flashy eye catching advertisements attract the customer the most. Only the top quality product will survive and lead the market in long run. Plus it will help the society to get only the very best. So by providing quality products, businessmen can help the society. Additionally, businessmen or owners should take care of his employees like a family. The employees have to be appreciated for their hard work. They cannot be underpaid. Employees spend their time and energy for the betterment of the company. Therefore, it is owners’ responsibility to make sure that they are satisfied.

The basics of economics say that businesses are established upon the need and demand of the society, Bangladesh is no different. A business becomes big by using the society. So every businessman owes a little share of their wealth and success to the society. There are lots of unfortunate people out there who cannot even gather up two proper meals for a day. So sharing the wealth by doing some charity work will do a world of good for them. It is true that great businessmen know how to fulfill their fare share for the society. For example, Bill Gates is doing continuous charity work and he has promised to distribute 90% of his wealth among the poor people. Some Bangladeshi companies are doing this as well but the number is far too low; so is the amount they spend.

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