ORION Group is one of the leading companies of Bangladesh. Their extremely skilled managerial team, highly trained workers and employees have made the company one of the best companies of the country. Currently, ORION Group has over 18000 trained, skilled and experienced workers. Anyone will agree to the fact that no other companies of Bangladesh have achieved such quick success like ORION.

ORION has reached this level in the business world of Bangladesh through their operations in Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Infrastructure Development, Textile, Garments, High Tech Agro Products, Real Estate & Constructions, Power and Aviation Management industries. Most of these companies have already offered their shares to the public and the rest will soon do the same. The stocks of these companies can be bought from all 2 stock exchanges of Bangladesh.

The Vision of ORION Group is extremely simple- “To be regarded as a world-class corporate house through products, services & values”. And with the pace they are moving, they are going to achieve their dreams very soon.

They have set up a few missions to achieve what they want. They want permanent progress of people’s capability. They want to distinguish individual involvement. They are going to establish modern and creative products and advanced technologies. They want to be sure that the products they are acquiring and manufacturing are world class. Having 100% customer satisfaction and gaining their trust by providing them with the best quality product is also one of their missions.

ORION Group pays supreme attention to ethical and moral values. One of the reasons they are so successful is because people know about their high ethical stands. They provide the best quality product to the people. Once they make a commitment, whether it is to the customers or the business partners, they do not back out of it. Everything they produce, their deals, transactions, revenue and expenditure is transparent and crystal clear to everyone. The managers and workers of ORION Group are never satisfied with what they have; they are constantly trying to turn it up a notch. They are always trying to make something better. ORION Group respects their customers, business partners and business opponents. They strongly believe in the fact that nothing can be achieved without mutual trust and respect. They believe in teamwork and the ethical treatment of workers and customers. Every year, ORION Group spends a generous percentage of their annual revenue to funds and charities. They fulfill their social responsibilities well.

Currently, the business of ORION Group includes Agro Products, Aviation management, Construction, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Power, Knitwear, Real Estate, Aviation, Hospitality Management, Pharmaceuticals and Infrastructure Development.

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