How is the condition of Bangla movies and local TV channels?

The media includes different tools – communication channels, broadcasting channels, movies, TV serials, advertising, news, song tracks, internet etc. On popular culture, media means the method of transmitting entertainment. So how is the media of Bangladesh at present time? It one word, it is booming but not maintaining quality.

Let’s talk about movies first because movies play a vital role to express and nurture the culture and tradition in different manners. The situation with the movies of Bangladesh is not that good. One of the main problems why Bangla cinema is not good is the budget problem associated. Producers go for small budgeted movies instead of making good big budgeted movies. Then, the peripherals used by the movie creating team are not so good comparing with other country movie creating team. So the viewers and audience are getting interested in other country’s movies like Hollywood or Hollywood movies. If producers like Ananta Jalil comes forward with fresh budget, the talented young directors will do well with the new movies for sure.

Let’s talk about the TV channels now. TV indeed is a powerful source of media because most of the people from all ages are surrounded by TV channels. Now days there are so many TV channels in Bangladesh. They broadcast different shows, events, concerts, musical shows, talk shows, news, games & sports, cartoons etc. But the fact is that, very few of them are playing impartial role. As most of the media channels are influenced by the political parties. Most channels are owned by some political leaders either from governing or opposition parties. So the channels are failing to keep the honesty towards their audience. Some channels are bound to follow some political restriction which humiliates the freedom of TV channels as well as the media.

Many news channels came in recent times. They are growing well but sometimes they all show same kind of news reports or latest updates at the same time; no variation is seen. The news channels organize so many talk shows which sometimes make the audience bother because they invite the political leaders most often and sometimes the arguments ends with either using abusive words or fighting with each other. Some news channels exaggerate in some wrong objects which make the audience confused.

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