Does 3G deserve the hype?

3G in BangladeshAfter a long anticipation, 3G has arrived in Bangladesh. It began with the state-run mobile phone operator Teletalk launching 3G for the first time in Bangladesh and reaching the optimum stage after all four GSM operators in Bangladesh getting their 3G license. Soon every cellphone user of Bangladesh will have access to 3G internet and everyone is really excited about it. Now, the question is, does 3G really deserve the hype is it getting?

In technical terms, 3G is defined as third generation internet service coming after HSPDA, GRPS and EDGE. Cellphone users of Bangladesh have long complained about these services for being too slow and inconsistent. So the arrival of 3G will definitely make them happy as it assures a fast internet connectivity and it is much more stable than the previous versions of internet service.

Considering the socio-economic situation of Bangladesh 3G can be really important. A huge number of people living in Dhaka, whether as students or service holders, are living away from their families. 3G has a video calling option that allows the users to video chat. So these people will be able to see their families whenever they want to. The expatriates of Bangladesh will also be able to communicate with their families and be able to see their faces after the arrival of 3G. Thanks to the uprising of Chinese cellphones, buying a 3G enabled cellphone has become very easy in this country.

In the recent years, internet has become a very important part for the youth of Bangladesh. The arrival of 3G brings the opportunity of a fast and reliable mobile internet service. A 3G SIM card can be used with a modem in a laptop or with a 3G enabled tablet PC. There are a lot of tablets in the market now that costs around 7 thousand taka which has 3G, dual camera etc. With the arrival of 3G in Bangladesh, these devices can be used the way they were meant to be.

Another perk of 3G is being able to watch live TV. In this sports enthusiastic but load shedding prone country, this service will bring a lot of joy to the people. Whether they are on the street, in a place with no access to TV or boiling in a room with no electricity, they can still enjoy the precious moments of a cricket match using their cellphones or tablets. A lot of freelancers and other professionals require a fast, reliable and mobile internet connection. The arrival of 3G will definitely help them to shine in their own individual sectors.

Even though 3G is arriving in this country much later than it was supposed to, it will definitely have a very positive impact in the overall socio-economic situation of the country. So considering the environment and the need of Bangladesh, 3G definitely deserves the hype it is getting. Now it is up to the government and the cellphone operators to make it cheaper and reliable so that it can live up to the hype it has created.

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