Cox’s Bazar: The Longest Sea Beach in the World

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most desired tourist spots in the world. Every year, people from all around the globe come to Cox’s Bazar to experience this marvelous wonder of nature. The beach is almost 155 km long. Every year, it attracts over hundreds of thousands tourists. There are no sharks or any other carnivorous creatures in the water of the Bay of Bengal. This makes swimming, surfing and all other activities safe.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is definitely one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. The water reflects like a clear mirror in the night. You can swim or jump around in the water, play volleyball in the beach or just simple lie down in the beach chairs set up in the shore.

There are hundreds of hotels to suit your budget and needs. Traveling around Cox’s bazaar is easy as well. There are rickshaws, vans, small taxis and cars to take you to your desired destination.

You should definitely visit Himchhori, Inani and Saint Martin’s Island while you are in Cox’s Bazar. The journey to these places are refreshing in itself. The hill on one side and the beach on the other side and you will be going through the road in the middle of the hill and the beach. It is really a magnificent scenery.

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