Chittagong Port in talks again

The Director General of World Trade Organization has recently visited Chittagong, the biggest port city in Bangladesh. His visit has given Chittagong the attention to the rest of the world. During his visit he had a few meetings with the corporate chiefs and visited the export processing zones of the city.

Pascal Lamy was impressed with the efficient workforce of the Chittagong port. According to him, this port is the economic backbone of the country. He emphasized on the fact that Bangladesh is practically the hub between eastern and southern Asia and Chittagong port can be the channel that connect two side of the largest continent. Pascal Lamy stated that Chittagong port is the most efficient container port in the region.

Bangladesh has become an inspiration to the other developing countries with its ever increasing trade abiding the regulations of WTO. The global economic depression and competitive market has barely put any effect on the economy of this country. More than three million people are working directly on the readymade garment industry and million other job opportunities have been created passively. A problem that is looming over the head of Bangladesh is the possible withdrawal of Generalized System of Preference by the USA.

The Director General is well reputed in the business world, especially among the least developing countries, as he tries to provide equal amount of opportunities to all the countries. When he was the Trade Commissioner of EU he was accustomed with the problems these countries face. Pascal Lamy is the one who often speaks of the importance of the least developing countries in the export business. Therefore one can hope that the positive image left in him with the Chittagong port, Bangladesh might get some benefit out of it.

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