The motto of BEXIMCO Group is – “Taking Bangladesh to the world” and so far, they have more than kept their words. BEXIMCO Group was formed by two brilliant brothers- Ahmed Sohail Faisur Rahman and Ahmed Salman Fazlur Rahman back in the 70’s. Since its birth, the company kept expanding and growing its branches and after 40 years, it has become the largest private sector company in Bangladesh. Initially, what used to be a simple and small trading company is now a huge group of companies and their involvement covers a large portion of the total GDP of Bangladesh.

Over the years, the company has expanded their business to various business sectors such as textiles, real estate development, marine food,hospitality, trading, construction, information & communication technologies, aviation, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, energy, media and financial services. Their products are sold both domestically and globally. Employee-wise BEXIMCO is the largest company in Bangladesh with over 48,000 employees working all around the globe.

BEXIMCO is just not a company anymore; it has become a symbol of creativity, honesty and standard. Everything associated with the group has to be described in a superlative manner. The group has the largest textile industry not just in Bangladesh but in the entire South Asia. It is also Bangladesh’s largest exporter in the pharmaceuticals sector. They are the largest ceramic exporters. GMG Airlines, a concern of BEXIMCO Group, is the largest private aviation airline in Bangladesh. The group also owns the Westin Hotel, one of the grandest hotels of Dhaka.

Their factories are located in the outskirts of Dhaka and each and every one of the factory is equipped with the latest technology machineries and equipment. Most of these factories are located in the BEXIMCO Industrial Park. They have instant access to power, pure water, liquid nitrogen and waste water refinery. BEXIMCO has some globally popular names as their clients such as Calvin Klein, BT, Chevron, BASF, Macys, UNICEF, Villeroy & Booch, JC Penney and H&M.

The company has reached the situation where it can expand their business furthermore to become a powerhouse of the business sector in the entire world. Each individual company is run by extremely skilled professionals. The managers are highly capable of monitoring the operations and superbly trained employees who make the company so great.

BEXIMCO has always shared their tremendous success with the society. They are one of the top companies who have exceeded expectations in the matter of corporate social responsibility. They sponsor various social events. They are sponsoring “Proyash”, an institute working for mentally or physically handicapped children. BEXIMCO sponsored “Gono Shahajjo Shongstha” educates underprivileged children. All of these things together make BEXIMCO one of the greatest companies of the country.

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