Bashundhara Group

In the ongoing business world of Bangladesh, Bashundhara Group is definitely the biggest name of them all. With majestic buildings and beautiful model towns, Bashundhara Group has caught everyone’s attention and won everyone’s heart.

Bashundhara began as a real estate venture under East West Property Development in 1987. They became extremely popular and successful right after their very first project.
This success fueled its motivation and hard work furthermore. They started expanding their business into manufacturing and trading sectors. They grew their branches in the early 90’s by starting to produce papers, cement, steel, tissue paper, LP gas bottling etc.

Just within 10 year, Bashundhara became a huge company and they found success in each and every industry they established. Currently they have over 20 big companies located all around Bangladesh. Even though they have expanded their business in various sectors, they never really got away from their initial business of real estate development and construction. Instead, they took it to a level where no one else can compete with them. Bashundhara Residential Model Town located in Kuril, Dhaka is the biggest residential model town in the capital city. Bashundhara City Shopping Mall is not just the biggest shopping mall in the country but the biggest shopping mall in the entire South Asia.

Bashundhara Group has recently started their venture in the media sector. They own the daily newspapers “The Kaler Kantho”, “Bangladesh Protodin” and “The Daily Sun”. Exactly like their other ventures, these newspapers have gained popularity very quickly. They are planning to step into electronic media soon by launching an FM Radio and television channel.

The mission of Bashundhara Group is to stay competitive. To achieve this goal, they want to keep up with the latest technology. They know that in today’s world, technology is the key to any sort of success. They want to make sure that their customers are satisfied. For that purpose, they have always provided them with the best quality product and they intend to keep doing that.

The biggest success of Bashundhara Group so far has been the fact that even in this time of downgrading economy they have been able to maintain their success. They have kept their focus on expanding their business. They are ensuring the standard and quality of their products and maintaining the productivity of their company.

The highly trained human resource of Bashundhara Group is one of the basic secret behind their enormous success. They take nothing but the best and expect the best from them. Bashundhara completely relies on the effectiveness and efficiency of their employees and so far, the human resource of Bashundhara Group has not let anyone down.

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