Bangladesh to sign an ‘Open Skies’ deal with US soon

A primary agreement has been signed between governments of Bangladesh and the US on signing a full-fledged ‘open skies’ pact.

According to the statement of the U.S. State Department, the agreement makes opportunities for strengthening the economic partnership between the United States and Bangladesh through closer links in transport and trade.

The aviation officials of the two countries signed this agreement in Washington. It happened following a long negotiation. The U.S. government invited to sign this agreement last month while Dhaka asked the U.S. to allow it on resuming Dhaka-New York flights of Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

The United States has signed such kinds of agreements with more than 100 partners around the world. According to the agreement, airlines of the two countries will be allowed to operate between and beyond each others’ territories. The pact is likely to strengthen two countries’ trade and tourism. According to the signed agreement, defense or military aircraft will not be allowed.

The ambassador of Bangladesh to the US said that the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh signed the agreement on behalf of the country.

This agreement is likely to boost eagerness of big companies of Bangladesh like Beximco, Walton, Navana Group to have their aviation wing. 

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