Bangladesh is progressing despite many obstacles

No matter how many villains block the way and no matter how many storms are inflicted, the hero always reaches destination with success. Appearing to be a typical movie plot, it presents the story about the land of the language lovers, Bangladesh! Yes, Bangladesh.

To begin with explicitly, unfavorable conditions surrounded Bangladesh from even before its birth. Just before the independence the intellectuals, think tanks and progressive leaders were brutally murdered by Pakistani armed forces and their Bangladeshi dalals, popularly known as Razakars. Assumed to be a empty basket case, the new nation started a journey right from scratch with immense zeal and aspiration. In spite of all the hurdle and challenges, Bangladeshi started with the motive of progression.

Soon, the young Bangladesh started making up for the losses and tried to become a developed nation. Unfortunately, the back were still on the wall while poverty, lack of guidance and political anarchy made things worst. But fortunately, brave hearts like Fazle Hasan Abed and Dr. Mohammad Yunus came up with systems like BRAC and Grameen Bank. With these initiatives, the fight against poverty was boosted. Then came enthusiastic businessmen like Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman who has taking initiatives to improve lives of the people of Bangladesh. They have ensured economic growth and social growth.

Through the folds of time, the common people of Bangladesh always tried their best to create a sustainable path of progress. Slowly, with baby steps, the infrastructures developed, exports increased, remittance hiked. On one hand, where the whole nation struggled to develop and spread wings, fate kept throwing challenges sometimes in the form of natural disasters and often through incidents like BDR revolt and religious attacks pushing the innocents towards a life of suffering and backwardness. As an impact, Bangladesh was wounded and scarred, sometimes mildly and sometimes gravely. For instance, the most recent accident held at Rana Plaza cost thousands of life and a heavy loss for Bangladesh garments industries. Immediately, the export orders were lost and the Bangladesh economy was threatened to be retreated by ten years. From situation to situation, everything varied, but what remained constant was the obdurate passion of the people to move forward. Through strikes, the poor people’s shops were damaged but in short time, they came with alternative innovative ideas like street hawking and street stalls.

Even in times, when no one came forward, at times when the outside world had doubts, Bangladeshi people proved all the cynical predictions invalid and arranged ways to sustainability. Explicitly, having control over Millennium Development Goals, arranging Cricket World Cup 2011, ICC T-20 World cup 2014, being a dominant player in readymade garments and pharmaceuticals and having the world’s largest NGO is a small glimpse of what Bangladesh has become capable of. Doing so, this nation is now considered an example of relentless ardor and dedication for the least developed countries.

By achieving victory over the biggest challenges, Bangladesh is creating a positive identity of its own. Despite having population and poverty challenges, Bangladesh is sending many skilled workers abroad, giving out micro-credits and producing talented youth who promise a great future for the country. While most wonder how this tiny country will sustain, Bangladeshi’s moves forward like dynamic soldiers in the battle-field of survival. Veraciously, Bangladesh has a long way to go and a lot of hurdles to overcome. But surely, it is succeeding in spite of all this, just like the hero in the films!

Better days are surely ahead.

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