Bangladesh is emerging as a drug manufacturing ‘power house’

Bangladesh is doing well in the pharmaceutical sector for quite sometimes now. The local companies are fulfilling internal demands and exporting to many countries. The sector is shining as a new coin. Bangladesh is considered as one of the next Asian tiger. Drug manufacturing sector would play a vital role in the race of becoming the next economic tiger.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan W Mozena recently visited Incepta Pharmaceuticals factory in Savar and was impressed. He was not the only one though as many others including diplomats, industry experts and professionals have expressed in recent time that Bangladesh is slowly becoming a economic powerhouse; drug manufacturing sector is supplementing the process.

Mozena expressed his wonder after observing Incepta’s performance graphs and commitment quality. He said to the reporters after the factory visit that “What I saw here today is truly world class in terms of research, development, production and its future being built,” the US Ambassador told reporters while expressing his reaction about his visit.” He wished that Bangladesh would do even better in the pharmaceutical sector and contribute as much as RMG and jute sectors have done in the past.

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