Aftab Group

Aftab Group is one of the leading business groups in Bangladesh. They are one of those rare Bangladeshi business groups who actually have a highly functional foreign branch. The company was formed by Azharul Islam and Iftekharul Islam in 2003. Their business avenues include textile, food, banking, agriculture, real estate ( in NY, USA), readymade garments, compressed natural gas, industrial pump etc in Bangladesh. To its credit, every business Aftab Group has started over the years, turned into pure gold. They are truly one of the best business groups of Bangladesh.

Alib Group is a part of Aftab Group, which takes care of the overseas business of the company. Its headquarter is in New York, USA and they handle real estate and other overseas business from there. Alib Group apparently is one of the top construction companies in New York. Their reputation has sky-rocketed over the past couples of years.

Alib Group was formed in 1995 and within a very quick time, this company achieved a great reputation for delivering and developing real estate projects within time and for maintaining international quality. They started generating profit in a quick time due to their professionalism. To its credit, Alib Group has offices in South Africa, China, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, India, Dubai, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Within 15 years they have managed to achieve one of top positions in the international market. It was possible under the strong leadership of Azharul Islam and Iftekharul Islam.

Other companies under Aftab Group are Aftab Global Textiles Limited, extremely popular Aftab Milk & Milk Products, Aftab Foods Limited, Sea Trade Fertilizer Limited, Frozen Foods Limited, Aftab Properties, Aftab Garments Limited, Milnars Pump Limited, A.G. Companies, Aftab Holdings Limited, Aftab CNG Limited and Aftab Fertilizers Chemicals Limited. All these companies are leading in the respective sectors.

Apart from these companies, Aftab Group also is one of the major shareholders of the Uttara Bank Limited. Currently, Uttara Bank Limited has almost 4200 employees and 207 branches all across the country. They are constantly working to become a modern banking institute with advanced equipment.

The dedicated work force of Aftab Group has made it one of the best in the business. They provide their customers and clients with the best quality product. They keep their deals and transactions transparent to the shareholders and the employees. Their honestly is a major reason behind their success. The board members of Aftab Group hope that with sincerity and hard work, it will become one of the best groups across the globe.

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