ACI Group of Companies

ACI was born as a subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries in 1968. After the liberation of Bangladesh, the company became a registered company in Bangladesh and named themselves ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited. They started their journey as a Private Limited Company. Later, they changed their name to Advanced Chemical Industries Limited (ACI). Currently, they are one of the kingpins of Bangladesh’s industrial sector.

Their business is expanded to various business units such as agribusiness (Crop care public health, fertilizers, seeds, cropex and livestock & fisheries), pharmaceuticals and consumer brands & commodity products. Their subsidiaries are- ACI Formulation Ltd, Apex Leathercrafts, ACI Salt, ACI Agrochemicals, ACI Foods, ACI Motors, Premiaflex Plastics Limited, ACI Logistics Limited and Creative Communication Limited. Their joint ventures are- ACI Godrej Agrovet Private Limited, Tetley ACI (Bangladesh) Limited and Asian Consumer Care (Pvt.) Limited.

The Mission of ACI is enriching the quality of people’s lives through applying knowledge, skills and technology. ACI has dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence via high-class products, creative processes and empowered workers to make their customers the most satisfied.

ACI has set up a few strategies to achieve their goal. These are:

  • Proper dedication to get achieve a leading position in all the categories of their businesses
  • Achieve a high bar on the productivity graph. For this, they have to use their resources properly and use the most appropriate technology.
  • ACI will train up their employees by empowerment and rewards.
  • Create a work friendly environment where the workers will feel safe and they will be able to learn while working.
  • Providing the best products for their customers
  • Establishing a peaceful relationship with the community, business partners, opponents and customers and fulfill their social responsibilities.

ACI has become a leading company in Bangladesh because of their respectable ethical values. They believe in providing the best quality products. Customer satisfaction is their primary focus. They believe in fairness of their business, if ACI thinks something is not fair to other people, they will immediately do the right thing. All their deals are clean, open and honest. They are in a constant war with themselves to improve their company every day. They strongly believe that innovation is the key to success. These ethical values altogether makes the company so respectable among everyone.

Over the last 44 years, ACI has provided the people of Bangladesh countless necessary products every day. They promised best quality products in the cheapest price possible and so far, they have kept their words. This is why the people of Bangladesh love the ACI Group of Companies and all their products.

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