Abul Khair Group of Companies

Abul Khair Group is the largest manufacturing and exporting company in Bangladesh. Even though their business sector has expanded in various sectors, they achieved most success in Fast Moving Consumer Goods like beverage, tea, condensed milk, cement, powdered milk, tobacco, edible oil, steel products etc.

Apparently Abul Khair Group is one of the oldest companies in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1953 by the late Mr. Abul Khair. Their first business was in the tobacco sector when they products and marketed Abul Biri. After a few years, they started expanding their business range to other business sectors. Now, their professionalism and managerial skills have made them one of the best and most successful companies in Bangladesh. Almost 10,000 employees are employed under Abul Khair Group’s name.

The most important company of Abul Khair Group is Abul Khair Condensed Milk and Beverage Industries Limited. They manufacture, pack and sell powder milk, condensed milk, juice, flavored milk, tea, snacks and drinks. Abul Khair Group follows the ISO and HACCP standard to each and every word.

Their produced goods are extremely popular not only in Bangladesh but in a major part of the world. The companies listed under Abul Khair Group are:

  • Abul Khair Condensed Milk Industries Ltd
  • Abul Khair Tea Limited
  • Shah Dairy Products Ltd
  • Abul Khair Steels Ltd
  • Abul Khair Condensed Milk and Beverage Industries
  • Smark Coconut Oil Products Ltd
  • Shah Dairy Foods Ltd
  • A.K Properties Limited
  • A.K Corporation Ltd
  • Abul Khair Tobacco Company Ltd

Abul Khair Group have acclaimed international popularity and their products are sold all over the world. Their annual revenue is over $100 million. Their excellent managerial skill, trained employees, quality products, great marketing skill and attractive logos are the primary reasons behind their success. The executive managers of Abul Khair Group only hope that they achieve even more success in the years to come.

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