A Common Business Myth Exposed

It is common among for the business people to think like “Love what you do and the money will follow”. But this actually doesn’t work every time. With the passage of time, people’s taste change, their ways of thinking change, thus the marketing product getting much priority these days may not get the same attitude in future. On the other hand, you can’t be sure of what’s going to get popular in future every time. If you become over confident about your product, that may bring a great disappointment for you. You always have to be updated about the present marketing situation and change your product accordingly. You can’t be attached to your product so much that you can’t go on with the present interests. The moment you feel your product or service is not being appreciated that much, try another. Don’t stick to the same thing, which will only bring loss and disappointment. Learn to let it go.

Sometimes things doesn’t go the way we thing it will go. The product you thought to be a disappointment may not be a disappointment at all. It can be a great success. If you find any product being popular among the people, try harder to make it more popular, let people know about it and get all the profit you can.

This is an idea you should follow all the time if you want to make your business a success. Sometimes it happens that people become too attached to their product and stick to it hoping that people would appreciate it one day. But this may not be true in every case. So, be practical and think widely. Learn to move on with the time.

Human brain is full of new ideas. Think about it and you will surely get a way to success. There was a man doing small business of thrown out things. He used to collect them and sell to the other people to recycle them. After some time when he had some money in save, through a help of another person, started a new business. Now he is one of the most known businessmen in Bangladesh and this is a true story. One thought of creativity changed his life thoroughly.

In another story a man was seen to sell only a page in 20 dollars and people bought it because of their interest just to put it on their wall as a decoration. The paper had nothing but a deed of land in Mars.

Such stories might seem to be as fairy tales but is true. Such things happened. You just need to be focused on your work. Try harder and think as simple as you can to meet people’s interest.

Nowadays, when the era is called an era of internet, you can use the features o internet to expand your business. Email as a marketing model is preferable at this stage. You can make people know about your products by sending emails to them. You can also open a website of your own; create a facebook page
to expand your popularity. Let people know about your product and what kind of service you are giving them. Ask people to share their personal experiences so that you can understand what you are up to, what you shall do next and others may know more about your product.

There is a theory called KISS which says Keep It Simple Smartie. The simplest way can be the best way to express your thoughts. Your products should be something that makes work simple not complicated. Your message to the customers should be crystal clear so that they don’t bear any confusion regarding your product. Confusion will make your sale less. So, try to be simple but moderate to your customers about your product.

There are a lot of examples that can be shown regarding this matter. People here and there used their simple ways to impress people. There was once a man expert in advertising. He was one who expressed thoughts in very simple ways but so innovative that it easily could attract people. He is David Ogilvy.

Another story states about John Caples, one of advertising’s moguls:
While John was working as a new inexperienced copywriter, he wrote a headline, but the person he was working under at that time changed that a bit and made it more interesting. The headline was:
“This single book wields a strange power over its readers giving them a magnetic personality”
in which the experienced writer added the last portion, “giving them a magnetic personality” which made it interesting.

So, overall, simple is better and trying simple ways will surely work.

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